And so it begins (again)

This is far from the beginning of my coding journey. It all began a few ago when I made an attempt the teach myself html and css through Codecademy, and then, simply, stopped.

That was back when I was a young psychology undergraduate completely and utterly confused about what I wanted to do with my life. This confusion took me to journalism, to photography, to illustration, and then Linguistics. And simultaneously charity communications.

And now, with an MA in Applied Linguistics and a stable charity comms job, I find myself back to where I was 5 years ago. Coding…yeah…this is a thing I want to do. But this time I refuse to simply give up because I get a bit confused, and I’m not just just sitting in my bedroom tapping away aimlessly.

I’m further than I was before; now attending Codebar workshops so I can actually turn to someone with a confused expression instead of just closing my laptop.

And I’m continuing with Codecademy, since it’s good to try different approaches to learning things. And just for good measure, I’m exploring Free Code Camp. But most importantly, I’m going to actually make things. One of the most common tips for learning how to code is definitely to do exactly this, but it’s a bit of advice I have foolishly ignored. One of my biggest mistakes has been simply working through tutorials and concluding that I know things. As Toni Morrison says, “You don’t know nothing”.

So here I am again, doing this thing. Let’s see how it goes.

Written on March 1, 2016