It's all a few months

Humans don’t always learn from patterns. Many of us end falling in the same cycles without ever getting wise and changing our behaviour - this has been true for my attempts to learn how to code. I’d really get into the swing of things and make a lot of progress but as surely as Spring follows Winter, every few months I would find myself completely and utterly absorbed in a work project leaving me without the time or energy to work on anything coding-related. This could be months, and I would return to my laptop, deflated, and unable to remember how to access a hash. So I finally bit the bullet. In a few months I’ll be leaving my job and starting a three-month bootcamp at Makers Academy.

It’s exciting, but so very terrifying. I’m looking forward to being an in environment where I’m challenged and learning new things. On the other hand, this is going to be completely different to what I’ve been doing over the last 5 years. Yelp.

I’m going to be part of the July cohort (over 3 months to go!) so my biggest challenge is making sure that I retain everything I learnt in preparation for my interview and continue to learn more. It’s been going pretty well thus far, I’ve got a learning schedule which I’ve followed fairly closely - I have a feeling July’s going to come around in no time.

Written on March 18, 2017